Loving your business and life but feeling stuck and stressed?

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Having both a Business Problems and in your private life?
People don’t have a business problem, they have a life problem that reflects in their business. A life problem can be anything from a divorce to your own attitude that put a spoke in your wheel.
When changing your thoughts and learn how to think in a new way with Mind Power,
you’ll find a solution to your business problem.

Former International Business Journalist/Business Consultant will help you to solve any
problem you have in your business or life. Nothing is impossible.
Gunilla Shein is Swedish Australian citizen working both in Australia, Canada and Europe.

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What is Mind Power?

It is the science behind your thoughts.

Any thought that is repeated and repeated, will eventually make an imprint into your subconscious and then your subconscious will start to work for you.

Life is always responding to you in accordance with your thoughts and beliefs. An Olympic gold medallist has done a lot of mind power training before winning.

A sip of what you can expect

We will start off with a qualified survey of your business and your life, outlining highs and lows. We will start with your private life and gradually move onto your business. Over time you will see patterns overlapping in your private life and business. They are very intertwined.

Some of the Business Tools that I’m using is Benchmarking, Balanced Scorecard, Porter’s Five Forces, The GE-KcKinsey Nine-box matrix, The BCG Growth-share matrix and of course your Core competences.

For your life situations, I am using traditional counselling tools such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Transactional analysis.

All of these tools are nicely resting on the pillars of Mind Power. You will learn a lot of new techniques that you hopefully will practice for the rest of your life.

We are working between 3 and 12 months. Your situation didn’t occur overnight, it was only you observing it one day and identifying it as a problem.

You will have “homework” to do every week, nothing hard or big of course, yet it will have an impact in your life.

Every time leaving a session, you will feel energised and hopeful. That feeling may remain over several days.

You always have access to me for bonus or emergency sessions. There are two included for every month. Life is constantly moving and new circumstances are facing you, that you may have to discuss between our sessions.